January 16th, 2013

Okay that Fred post about Shells is just killing me…. 

And it’s made me think. Way too much. Another reason why I love Fred/Angel is because of this notion of shells. Angel and Fred are both, at times in their lives, forced to become shells.

Angel becomes just a shell to Angelus for almost 150 years. And when he gains control of his body again, when he has his own mind and his own life again, he’s left behind to deal with the horrifying disaster left behind by his soulless self. When he’s Angelus his hands, mind, body, thoughts, are not his own. It’s like he’s been blindfolded and gagged, unable to see or speak, while Angelus uses his body to do horrible things. Fred has to go though something eerily similar. Fred slowly feels her body being carved out to make way for Illyria to take over, knowing that this thing inside of her will take her over and destroy her, make her unable to do anything. Her only power in those last few hours, was to try to make it as hard as possible for Illyria to take her over. The effort is for naught, but she still tries, she tries to keep control of her body, to not become a shell. Yes, Illyria kills her, hallows her out so that It can exist, while Angel survives despite what Angelus does, but yet their experiences are still so haunting and terrifying and similar.

They could have had so much potential for a glorious relationship. Their experiences give them an understanding of each other that is so profound.